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I had to push my post for today to tomorrow to honor one of the great guitarists of all time. It’s weird that I ran a silly David Lee Roth vs Sammy Hagar poll just last Saturday. It came on a whim when I was in the car and ‘Why Can’t This Be Love’ came on. The switch between the two singers was always so controversial in the 80s. Even if it came as no surprise that Roth was a 1st rate diva bitch.

But the real talent in that band was always the Van Halen brothers. My brothers loved Van Halen (less after the Hagar switch but loved nonetheless). They were more heavy metal lovers. So I’ve heard a lot of Van Halen music especially the early days. I’m not huge on any of the hair music but I can appreciate its fun-ness from a nostalgic time.

I’m a Sammy fan. The music came into its own with him. Catchy. A little silly. Still musically interesting. I’ve said before just because it’s easy to enjoy doesn’t diminish it’s value.

I remember watching MTV when they still played music and they were talking about metal bands objectifying women in their videos. Roth argued that their videos empowered women. 🀣 FYI – In case you know nothing about any of this, no they didn’t.

I don’t find this as offensive as others. I can still enjoy the music and spectacle. I’m a woman and if I ended up an any of these videos it would have been with my eyes wide open. Anyway it still happens to this day in many music videos and genres. I’d venture women as objects and misogyny has gotten worse not better because now it’s laughingly disguised as empowerment in our over sexualized society. It’s all so f’d up.

So RIP Eddie Van Halen. You were a talent beyond. You were also a formative part of my childhood.

My brothers all time favorite.

The video Roth was using to show they don’t objectify women. 🀣 I mean look, people, they’re teachers.

And the song that came on Saturday when I guess I was having a prescient moment.

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