The Writing Series: Plotting

I bought a stack of index cards. Then I realized I’m not an index cards kind of person. So I opened a flowchart and I think I am gently making the transition from 100% pantster to 60/40.

It won’t ever be a chapter by chapter I know to the word how this paragraph will end process. But it will be more organized because I wasted a lot of time fixing things in Impromptu that could have been cleaned up in an early planning session.

Blocking out the ideas that eventually will be put on paper will also help flesh out the characters – another editing headache I had to tackle this time. My characters just didn’t present themselves as clearly as they usually do. It was a struggle during editing to make them into people I was excited about.

Funny thing, I think I’ll like being planner. I’m a planner by nature. Motherhood left me no choice but to crank up that muscle or fail. Maybe that’s why becoming a planner doesn’t feel like a fail to my natural state of anarchy because I know at one point in life I would have felt that way. I like research. Planning could very easily slip into this comfort zone.

So I’ll do more entries on plotting when I get to my next idea and start fleshing it out.

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