I have no clue what the 5/17 one was about. I think I was suffering from delusions of grandeur. That’s usually when I do my worst writing. So enjoy figuring that one out. Attribute to it whatever you will because your guess is as good as mine.


Come unto me

My little ones

Beg the mercy

Of what’s begun

I am your light

The lost salvation

Your #church, your faith

Lost in translation

Of Gospel,


It’s all gone

to Hell



Sometime after he smiled across the room,

but before he told them I don’t like mayo

Around the moment his finger softly caressed my neck

Between the times I caught him admiring

Certainly later than his kiss gentle on the curve of my naked hip

The #transfer became complete



Slipping in slipping out

Involve friends in the rout

Using mediocrity as


Words to say, not so much

Confusing want without touch

A barren fickle


#orenda spirits prepare

Do your will I don’t care

Overstep your place in time

now I’m finished with this rhyme



Dawn breaks as she pats masa into circles, crushing beans with an old spatula. Today there would be white butter, a treat before laundry. The heavy baskets hang as she meets the #village ladies by the river. Tourists will pass clicking pictures of their quaintness #vss365


Morty knew a puppet government was the only way and Cosmo, the perfect #quisling They would never see it coming, his diabolical plan near complete. Soon it would all be his. And was he sorry?  No, all was fair in the high stake politics of Del Boca Vista.



May I go on record – this word, #petrissage, is plain mean right now. I can feel the deep sink of elbows and strong hands sliding over my oiled skin pressing out lumps of stress and ache. Someday, Annie, we will be reunited. Until then there will be cruel word prompts. #vss365

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