Disclaimer: this is going to be a rant.

I have an older and younger brother. Right now I’m pissed at the younger one. He has a tendency to be blindly, irrationally, dogmatic. He takes unbend-able stances on the most ridiculous things. Honestly his entire life is one big stance sometimes on topics of consequence. Sometimes on Fantasy Football.

Years and decades ago he started a FF league of which yours truly was a founding member. I won’t lie after the first few years and adding small children to my roster of things to do, FF took a major backseat. That annoyed my single childless brother to no end.

I don’t knock those who chose a different path than the traditional married with kids life. That shit’s not for everyone. But you have to be understanding that those of us with kids, doing the yeoman’s work, might have more pressing things on the plate than whether we checked to see if any of our players were on bi. That maybe the things pressing my time are of tantamount importance even to childless you, if you don’t want me raising and unleashing on society soulless demagogues, like say our current leader.

Nope. So that was strike one. Then my older child came of age and loves football. It was a natural progression to let them manage my team while I still ‘owned’ it. Strike two.

This year my heartless, ruthless brother kicked me and my SIL (who also did the same thing with one of her kids and who was also a founding member) out the league ceding our teams to our children. Apparently there are only 2 strikes in this game of douchebag ball.

I’m pissed and I can’t do anything to get myself back in the league because when you’re kicked out of his circle of trust it’s not f’ing easy to get back in. Believe me I have been before but again that’s a post for another time. All I can do is vent here.

So let me just say be principled, be strong in the face of those who would question your beliefs, be willing to engage in dialogue to persuade those to your points or to find common ground.

Just don’t be a butt head.

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