Indulge me while I cry some 1st world problem tears here. I miss travel. With young kids and such, I haven’t done tons of travel over the last decade. Not like I used to when I was a young happening professional with disposable cash. Ahh, glory days. But we do try to take a trip here or there over the year and years.

Last week we got a bug and thought let’s find a cheap flight and fly up to Vermont for fall foliage. We were one click from committing when we decided to look at the town to see what we might do once there. First thing on the site were visitor quarantine rules. Oh yeah. Let me say, Vermont’s pretty serious about these guidlines.

Anyway, that idea got filed away for next year pretty quickly. I get it, but it doesn’t change the fact that I miss going places. I wish we were led by someone who could have stressed the need for responsibility. Who said, let’s do this for each other so that we don’t have to take outrageously extreme measures. Let’s remember not all of us have the same health and being cautious in the beginning is basic human kindness for our neighbors. And then maybe things would be opening up. Maybe not.

So fall foliage will have to wait until next year when hopefully we’ve put the adults back in charge.

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