I’m trying to get in front of the blog ball. I’m usually a week or two (in a good moment) ahead on my posts. If something timely pops up I’ll rearranged the schedule dates. That said sometimes the ideas come like waves, one after another. Things happen to me and I’m like ‘write about thatContinue reading “Ideas”

The Struggle Is Real

I’m struggling lately. I’ve messed up more scheduled posts than I care to admit. I even messed up one for my business. Totally put the wrong text in a new release of our solution. Crazy thing, people still hit ‘like’. Makes you wonder how many are reading this stuff. But it’s no bueno people. That’sContinue reading “The Struggle Is Real”

More of the Same

The 1st one was a nod to my oldest who has loved beavers since a very young child. I had no idea either until one day they started talking about beaver habitats and what they were called and how they were built. I was floored. You’d think a mom would know these things. The othersContinue reading “More of the Same”

Cheating the System

Tropes. I see the question asked in the community. Sometimes it’s asked with a veneer of not even veiled derision like a tiger waiting to pounce on the idiot who answers with a ‘sure why not’. Other times it’s asked genuinely like ‘should we shouldn’t we?’. Other times it’s asked with a ‘f’ it –Continue reading “Cheating the System”

A Quiet Mind

The house is quiet on Monday/Wednesday when the kids go to school. The other days they do virtual at home. It reminds me of the days when they went to school (before homeschooling) and my SO was traveling nonstop and I was working from home. There’s a weird quiet to everything that I’m not usedContinue reading “A Quiet Mind”