I take a lot of vitamins. I’d like this to be my testimonial to their worth and value but the truth is I don’t know if they work. I don’t know that it isn’t genetics that’s helping me win the aging battle or good old fashion exercise that’s helping with my joints.

I have vitamins for every aspect of life. My younger brother was watching me take them one day and I said to him “I never get sick”. Irony was I had pneumonia at the time. He still thinks that’s hysterical.

Maybe they’re like a comfort blanket. They provide me with a sense of security while doing no harm to me. We all have our voodoo science that we submit to and I’m a firm believer in eastern medicines and folk remedies. I feel science thumbing their noses at these remedies is pure ‘selective erudition and academic arrogance’.

There is value in all things. Maybe when a pill wasn’t the only solution people had to find other solutions and maybe these solutions have just as much merit. Maybe these old world remedies are rooted in the deep understanding they had of their bodies back then, a survival instinct before modernity made it so easy to pass the buck of self care to someone else. Maybe their inherent understanding of their physiology is opposed to our dense interpretations of the tics of our bodies since we have the easy out given to us by big pharma pill medicine.

Maybe there’s a balance between these two things.

Maybe one gets a worse rap than it deserves.

Maybe all that one is lacking to take a position of credibility is the backing of their DC gangsters bosses.


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