The Writing Series: The Time Is Now

Well, it’s about time to start talking about the process that got Impromptu, my up and coming Regency romance, to an end product. I plan on releasing it sometime in October.

If you follow along, you know I did a few things differently this time. First I hired an editor. Second I decided, after a Regency binge, that I would write a Regency. Like any good writer my hubris told me I could do it so much better than the ones I had been reading. So we’re going to talk about that today. Consider this a series where I’ll touch on different points of the creative and administrative realities of getting a book (self) published. Maybe I’ll name it…see title of blog.

My ideas usually develop organically. They exist in my head and then I write them. I tend to excel at the coming of age theme. Although, I’d argue most if not all books are coming of age on some level. I don’t usually say I’m going to write a historical or a modern or whatever. The idea hits me and then the time frame is part of the idea. This time I said I’d write a Regency and I had to develop the idea around that sub-genre.

I did and didn’t hit my mark. Regency is frothy. Even frothier than traditional romance. I don’t do frothy well. Which is why I’ll never land an agent or a deal unless I start walking the line or I get some kind of sleeper success that signals one of the big houses hey there may be money here. I don’t begrudge them that reality. It’s a business and they are not in the business of publishing books that lose or at best make no money. And romance is selling the dream. It is a very tidy not veered very much from formulaic path. I follow the formula, somewhat, but often not enough to resonate with the wider romance reader.

So as usual I went off on a weird path. Even though I was trying so hard not to this time. It turned a little more Gothic than I wanted but I feel I kept much of the light hardheartedness of this particular sub-genre. I like it. I know it probably needs more work than a few more weeks but I’m ready to move on and I don’t want to shelve and forget for awhile. I think it has merit and should come out. Especially since I’m planning a sequel. The sequel is already coming together effortlessly. It’s going to be one of those stories that I barely have to work at to make compelling and great. That’s exciting since I had to put so much effort into Impromptu to make it sing.

But that’s another post

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