Here We Go Again

On our own. I can’t believe I haven’t used this as a title for one of these posts yet. But according to WordPress I haven’t.

So enjoy the vss Saturday continuation. I’m trying to figure out how to go about vss from now on. Maybe I’ll wait until Saturdays to post all of my attempts in a blog post. Or maybe I’ll do a Saturday round up of the ones I’ve posted over the week. Either way I can promise I won’t likely be as consistent. If my brain won’t work I may just put that word to the side and see it in another lifetime. We’ll see. Maybe not. I don’t like admitting defeat. Still a few weeks to go before I’m back.

Note – the 5/1 entry was a description of my hometown New Orleans. I was shooting for late 1800s but the feel of that town hasn’t change much in a few hundred years so it might seem like modern day.


The river’s mouth guarded by two #chimera floated by

They are odd, like me.

You, odd? With your no label Veblen Goods. You don’t fool anyone.

I wasn’t trying to but you still like me anyway.

You know I do.

She smiled and he groaned. Women were their own mythology. #vss365


Anger was a fight of resolve against her body pressing into his, her lips nuzzling his neck. Her arms were golden #shoelaces crippling his will, the curve of her breast filling his hand a poisonous addiction. But her tongue to his ear, blowing softly, his final undoing #vss365


Tickle the reigns,1, 2, 3 from a walk, trot, even standstill. The swoop, flared head, a toss of the mane and then the canter. Abandonment if the path is clear to go faster and faster, farther and farther. Maybe freedom is around that bend. Maybe it’s only more #horses #vss365


When Jobs introduced the iPhone, the vocabulary in his speech analyzed at a 3rd grade level. One might #argle the importance of simplicity over selective erudition in successfully igniting a revolutionary idea, in communicating. Then that might just be #agrle-mentative.



Time for your #bathos Aw mom, stop with your pathos Do what I said-os You’re such a wackos No, I’m the head honchos That’s all I’ve got-os See y’all tomorrows #vss365


Damp, dreamy the rose dawn crawls across the lazy bend shading colorful homes hidden by rod iron and wisteria. Carts rattle on the cobblestones with peddlers calling out warm bread while the #ragpicker rummages. She scrambles for the streetcar rattling by as shutters open #vss365


WTF is that? #Alchoholiday?

Doesn’t he know I have a champagne hangover from celebrating my brother’s milestone birthday last night?  The worst kind there is.

I can’t think this hard this early.

Hasta luego @zevonesque. Es la caña.


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