On Good Taste

My sister in law is doing some redecorating. Like me she has an albatross around her neck when she embarks on these sort of projects. That albatross is my brother. Like my SO, my brother is under the impression that he has good taste and/or style.

I don’t care if I’m frolicking in stereotypes here. Let me decorate like I want. Everything she and I pick out for that room he hates and everything he picks out looks like it belongs in an 20th century jail. Step aside please. My SO’s taste isn’t much more inspired. But I’ve taken on the thief’s approach of asking forgiveness instead of permission.

It doesn’t matter if there’s a boy/girl, girl/girl, boy/boy, they/they dynamic in your house let me say one of you is right and the other is not. One of you more likely than not has the lion share of good taste and style and the other should just say thank you as you float into the sleek FLW inspired smoking chair with the warm reading light and blue crystal drink coaster awaiting your mug.

Just saying.

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