Level II

I like wine. Oh, let’s be honest, I love wine. As I’ve gotten older my ideas around wine have changed. I’ve never been a binger. That’s not to say I haven’t had my university pounding head mornings but those mornings pretty much turned me off to that kind of behavior very quickly.

I like wine for the tradition, for the science, for the romance, for the technicalities, for the magic and craft. I like all alcohol for the same reason. There’s an art behind how these things are made. An appreciation of this art doesn’t make you a lush, unless you have to down a bottle in order to appreciate these things. Then, yes, you are a lush and should seek help.

With wine as I’ve raised the bar on quality I’ve learned so much. My youngest child’s best friend was leaving on 3 year work transfer with their family to Australia. The dad is a novice wine collector. We had them over for dinner with a few other friends to wish them bon voyage. Also, he had asked us to keep his collection for him until they got back.

At some point he went down the hall to the closet where we were keeping his collection and started digging. I didn’t pay much attention but he ended up pulling out a thousand dollar plus bottle of Rothschild. To eat with takeout and Cold Stone on a Sunday night.

I didn’t realize until I sipped it what he had done. From the first sip it was beautiful. I’d had some high end wines before and it ranked right up there with them. It was such a fun night, crazy, laughing with good friends, great wine and food. It’s what wine can do to elevate a moment.

We’ve bought the kids some bottles for certain milestones in their future along with a few to add to our own novice collection. A year or so ago I took the Level I sommelier test and passed. Now I’m studying for the Level II. This one’s much harder and I’m not so confident. Either way I’ll know more about wine.

And anything that helps me pair wine with M&Ms is a win in my book.

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