I struggle putting things together from written directions. Ikea is my mortal enemy. As are all Ikea wannabes. Directions get flipped in my head. I get confused. I’ve never been diagnosed with dyslexia but from all of the hack online tests and learned articles I’ve done and read, I probably have a solid case of it as well as ADHD.

So when I set up my new home office almost entirely by myself I was pretty proud of myself. That damn file cabinet was sent from hell to torture me. Every time I finished one step I’d look at the 2in thick instruction manual and feel defeated by how much more was still left to do.

Usually I have to resort to asking for help from my SO. That experience is a whole other blog post and probably a couple hours of therapy. They mean well but in some matters we are like oil and water. They struggle to understand how my brain works, or doesn’t, however you want to look at that.

We all have things we’re good at. I’ll never be good at this kind of thing but I’m at a stage where I have more patience with my limitations than I ever have. I give myself some grace when the directions start to get overwhelming. I focus on small parts or work on organizing the pieces until my mind calms down enough to process the information it doesn’t want to process.

It almost certainly took me much longer than someone else to put everything together but that’s ok. Because turns out this wasn’t a race. I could finish in my time. Something I never allowed myself to believe before and so I would rush and mess up.

As sit at my new fancy chair and stylish desk, all of which I put together, to write this I’m feeling pretty confident. Maybe I’ll try to build that buffet I want for the kitchen next.

Yeah, maybe not.

The face of someone not sitting on a kitchen chair anymore…

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