Saturday Saturday

Thank goodness for these. It’s fun going back through them. I’d forgotten most of them. The top one sprung from my abject guitar playing. I still like to pick it up and strum but I’ve taken to playing the ‘fake’ tough chords. No I won’t be touring with Van Halen anytime soon. And yes Three Little Birds is one of my favorites to strum.


You need to practice the F chord.

My fingers aren’t strong enough, stretchy. I hate barring.

Don’t you want to get better?

Not really, this is for fun.  I can play what I want to play 

She strummed her #guitar. Three Little Birds, three easy chords. That was enough.



Yes the bigger parts are quite gruesome requiring tools I find uninspiring. It is the smaller delicate extractions that leave me quivering in delight. Their screams of pain and terror like a symphony at its crescendo. #Killing can be a messy sport. #vss365


He tugged off her #mittens blowing warmth onto her chilled fingers, their smiles lingering.

‘You make me happy’ His finger brushed a stray lock in the silence. ‘This is where you say – so do you.’

Words evaded her so she pressed her lips to his. It was the best answer she had.


Rain dripped into the dank basement onto the decayed wooden stairs but there was laundry to be done. No time to wait for her good for nothing husband asleep behind the willow tree. With her first step the #damage of time won. The damp wood crumbled tossing her downward. #vss365


Biting the white beads off the Snowcap candy she stared in deep thought. With a lick of her fingers and a wipe on her wool skirt, she began typing, enjoying the sticky feel of the keys. He grimaced. She was an #oddity but not one the lab could afford to lose #vss365


The desert was colder than normal as she sipped her tea waiting patiently.

Then it happened #radio bursts. She jolted surprised. BERTHA you did it! Was that a word? Her fingers fumbled to rewind and replay. Wide disbelieving eyes looked up. It was! One word, ‘Hello’


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