It’s All Downhill From Here

We usually go skiing in the winter at some point. Not sure if that will happen this year. The last time we went I wiped out down a hill and had what they call a yard sale. As I huffed and puffed, trudging back up that hill collecting my stuff I thought ‘maybe it’s time to try cross country’.

The fact is I’m not training for the Olympics or anything. I do it for fun, to be outside in the cold fresh air, and maybe a little exhilaration. I don’t have time to break a bone and it’s really hard on my knees. With all the riding I do, I have to save my knees for the sport I actually do try to compete in.

Yes, I eat dinner at 4pm and go to bed by 9. You wish you were me. (And you thinking I’m kidding 🤣)

I think the peacefulness of cross country combined with the outdoor activity and exercise is probably right in line with my life goals these days. It’s slower paced but lets me enjoy the view, the dull roar of the silence bouncing off the white snows. I don’t listen to music when I ski. I never understood that not when the sound of silence is so deafening and beautiful.

So maybe some future day I’ll have a post about learning cross country. Before that I have to try snowboarding. I promised my oldest we would the next time we went.

That alone will be a month’s worth of blog posts.

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