I’ve seen these and other similar letters batted around, in particular, on social media. I’ve been curious but never put much energy into researching what they mean. I’ll be honest I’m not big on these kind of bucket summations that weave in enough real and pseudoscience to blur the lines of fact and fiction.

I’d like to say on this matter I stand corrected.

I saw a post that had a test for what type of personality I am and I took it. I admit after seeing enough SM bios with these letters in them I was curious what I was. First, for an online free test it was pretty in depth. What I thought would be a 10 question quiz that summed me up in the most flat 1-800-psychic way, I was surprised and annoyed by the level of depth. I was 10 minutes in and needing to do other things, but at that point I had committed.

The result came out INFP-T. Attached was a credible and lengthy overview of this personality which was also cool. Unlike other online test results I didn’t have to pay or give my info which they then would sell recklessly to get this report. All in all it was a good experience.

Moreover, the report was pretty spot on for who am I as a person. The T is particularly apt (at 71%, my SO may have some basis for their grumblings) but so is the rest of it. I’m trying, working on many of the faults the report pointed out. There are some demons you never get to slay. Doing so would be like a self inflicted mortal wound. We have to be who we are. But knowing more about why we are the way we are does give us ammo in navigating the world and other dissimilar personalities.

But I probably won’t add these letters to my bio.

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