In my mad sweep of clutter, I finally threw out our Alphabet/Blackboard easel. If you have kids you know exactly which one I’m talking about. We all had/have it. Ours outgrew it awhile ago but I kept it along with some other toys for the others coming up the supply chain. Always good to have something to occupy the younglings.

But we’re out of younglings. So our easel is going away. As we were packing it up to take away we noticed the word polygon written on the inside, over and over. My youngest went through a phase where they were obsessed with the word polygons and the shapes. It was about the same time we realized that this child was not like others.

At the time it was gloating suburban parent pride – this child’s exceptionalism. Over time we’ve been humbled by the real valleys and canyons involved with a child like this. Genius comes at a price and as parents our average-ness has hurt us in understanding how to deal with a child like this. We see the world through a very different prism than this kid.

I’ve gotten nostalgic about the moments you see your kids shaping themselves, independent of your guidance. That was one of those times. Another was when my older taught themselves to dance exactly like Michael Jackson. We were all open mouthed floor when they finished that routine.

It would be something to bottle the enthusiasm most (I’d argue all) kids start life with. How excited they are to learn. How willing they are to fail. Their joyful naivete.

I bet it could power a city.

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