I haven’t been sick in awhile. In fact the last time I got sick was over a year ago. It was a doozy though.

I caught something bad that turned into pneumonia. My SO then caught it and also got pneumonia. My oldest caught it and got pneumonia. We got the youngest out of there to my mom’s when we realized this was no normal bug. That one has asthma.

Anyway, we’ve been joking that we’ve already had Covid. And if I remember correctly my friends were telling me about notes home from school that year warning of a bug much stronger than they’d seen before that wasn’t flu and begging parents to keep sick kids at home. Whether that was Covid before we all knew it was or some other superbug, it’s par for the course and something we all need to get used to.

But the moral of this post is my worry that the longer I don’t get sick the more my immune system is going to falter when I do.

***Disclaimer!!!: I am fully in support of masks and any other preventative measures science says is a good idea until we know WTF we’re dealing with.***

I’m just thinking out loud here. I remember the first stomach bug that hit my house after my oldest started preschool. I was such a nube, so weak immunity wise, with only my adult viruses to protect me. I was unprepared for the mercenary viruses of a group of small children. To this day, I’m mentally scarred from that illness. It was bad.

Anyway, I’ll keep up the prevention but I can’t say there isn’t a little bead of sweat on my brow every time one of us sneezes.

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