Tapping A Well

I’m on a bit of hiatus from vss365. Not because the words are hard. When you’re in the groove you can come up with something, even for a hard word, even if just making fun of your own limitations.

I’m more tapped out creatively. I needed to regroup focus my attentions on this WIP and also my regular work. I’m hoping in the next few weeks I’ll wrap up this WIP and move on and start back with daily prompts. I may even add some other ones.

But not right now…


She smacked her gum loud and wore her hair high like those pictures of her mom from the 50s and her skirts short like those dresses from the 60s

‘Ruby, another cup of jo.’  Someone called

She liked that they still called it jo here. She was always meant for another time #vss365


‘It’s #dab fish.’

She looks at the artful plate with the mouthwatering filet ‘never heard of it.’

‘It’s the new thing.’

Below in the cold N Atlantic waters the fish curse their changed luck. Once unelevated, overlooked. Now targeted, exploited for the FOMO crowd. #vss365


‘Fake hair, fake nose, fake lips, fake boobs, fake butt.’

‘And the Jaw?’

‘Jaw? You can do that?’

‘We can!’ She’s assured.

Her ex’s voice, a hollow confidence shattering memory, ‘it’s points off but I’d still bang her’.

Her #blue eyes narrow – what to do?  what to do?



Remember HAL?


That’d a’ been cool. Not this. Multivariate calc. Nerd shit

He stirs cream into coffee til it’s milky


The building shakes, monitors flicker.

Fuck. They’ve #arrested the system

He sits calmly to his keyboard humming End of the World as We know it



‘She’s got it. Chez pas. In spades.’ He’s warned.

His eyes roll. ‘Yeah? Me too.’

‘I’m serious. It’ll be an act of #desolation. You’ll never be the same again.’

‘Neither will she.’ His cocky smile is filled with sarcasm.

An indifferent shrug. Let him find out the hard way  #vss365


Wondering #tumbling

Jumbling my brain

Words I heard

Making me afraid

A bumbled grumble, confused


Follow your heart

Or it all goes


Be yourself someone else

Words & words & things conferred

Always obscured

I think you think too well

Of all we are

Inside this quell #vss365

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