I’m trying to get in front of the blog ball. I’m usually a week or two (in a good moment) ahead on my posts. If something timely pops up I’ll rearranged the schedule dates. That said sometimes the ideas come like waves, one after another. Things happen to me and I’m like ‘write about that Mia’. Other times I hit a lull.

As I sit here this morning to churn out a post or two, I’ve hit the wall of ideas. Nothing is coming to me. I guess that’s natural. It’s like when I finish a story and it takes forever for another one to start growing in my brain. I go in clusters. They come fast and furious or not. And when the well runs try it runs dry.

I’ve got nothing. Add to the fact I keep making dumb mistakes on my scheduled blog posts, I feel like I’m going to be hobbling across the 1 year anniversary of this circle of Dante’s hell.

Right now my story idea well is overflowing, in different genres, in my familiar genre. I suppose I shouldn’t get too upset that the blog well is dry. The biggest issues with all of these exciting new story ideas is that I can’t seem to finish my current WIP. I’m determined not to drop it and start something new. Because if I do that it’s easily going to be 1/2 year to a year before I revisit it and go ‘hey this is good. Why didn’t I finish it?’.

I guess my point… Have patience with your ideas. And don’t force the nozzle. You’ll only ruin the hose and have to buy a whole new one. Yep, I just worked in some homeowner metaphors for you.

Guess the magic is still there and the well isn’t totally dry!

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2 thoughts on “Ideas

  1. As Chuck Wendig would say, ‘Finish your shit’.

    It’s great that you’re continuing with your WIP instead of hopping onto that shiny new idea, because much of the craft comes from finishing what you started. Am excited to see what you have in store with the WIP!

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