The Struggle Is Real

I’m struggling lately. I’ve messed up more scheduled posts than I care to admit. I even messed up one for my business. Totally put the wrong text in a new release of our solution. Crazy thing, people still hit ‘like’. Makes you wonder how many are reading this stuff.

But it’s no bueno people. That’s the sign of an amateur. And I AM an amateur when it comes to all this. No need to draw more attention to that fact. You can make a mistake here or there. But when the mistakes start to pile up you start to lose credibility. People start to question your authority.

It’s tough enough for a gal in the world. No need to give them any ammo. So now I’m straight up paranoid that I’m going to make another mistake. And you know because of that paranoia I’m 300% guaranteed to make another mistake. This is how I roll. Bear with me. I’ll keep getting back on my horse and eventually I’ll be back to the old me.

For now, maybe it’s time to admit multitasking isn’t as admirable as it might seem. Certainly not when it comes at the cost of accuracy.

Published by miasotowrites

Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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