Labor Day

This is the day we all forget why we get it off. Or mix it up with Memorial Day. Either way that’s a shame. Each of these holidays capping the Summer deserve their due. The people we are celebrating because of these holidays deserve the respect of us knowing why TF we get the day off.

One for dying for us. The other for working their hands off for us until they died.

I did a brief research on Labor Day. I knew the basics and my research confirmed my knowledge. It came about during the bleakest days of the Industrial Revolution, at at time when Unions were only just taking on the big fight to give basic human rights to workers.

I don’t guess we’ll ever get to a place where one group or another isn’t in need of elevation on the most basic human level. I do think we’re getting better even if there is still so much more to do. In a land of plenty, it’s time to up the game on solving the most basic human inequalities.

It can be done. Just like the unions putting their foot down, demanding a measure of human decency from their employers. No hard fight is won without sweat and tears and ups and downs.

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