More of the Same

The 1st one was a nod to my oldest who has loved beavers since a very young child. I had no idea either until one day they started talking about beaver habitats and what they were called and how they were built. I was floored. You’d think a mom would know these things.

The others I like. I try to venture out of my romance comfort zone with these. I’ve noticed my horror/suspense ones usually involve an icy veined devilress who goes about killing with a cold indifference. I kinda like her. I might write a story around her.


Under a moonless sky the flat wide tale strokes heavy through the cold river water. Webbed fingers hold stones. Bucked teeth clutch logs. The curved #shelter is nearly finished, byways avoiding floods, fish caught waiting to be snapped up for dinner.  Winter is coming. #vss365


Blinding lights in his eyes as he bows to the chorus of palms slapping in enthusiastic adoration. Fulfilled he smiles until sitting at the small table wiping clean the night’s makeup.  Time knocks to remind him of loneliness and sacrifice, the price of the #road.



Her fingers crawl along the rough of his stubble to their kiss where tongues pulse, vine like limbs entwine. The #isolation of desire, a greedy emotion, overwhelms as her soft sinks onto his hard sealing them together.  Has she ever been kissed like this before? Has he? #vss365


Reptilian eyes opened icy blue with glowing orange pupil.s  It was time.  Per prophesy of the canon, a #telegraph message spoke to them

Sliding from its warm cocoon it slithered out to call the others, awaken the earth.  Today was the day the the war of freedom began.  #vss365


The nine iron, a perfect #club, brings loft and precision as it swings through the air striking the squishy hard resistance of metal to flesh, red drops splatter her face. She watches the eyes go dead, a flight of life. No sneak attack. She wants to enjoy the show #vss365


Smile, he says.

Like a trained dog her lips curl before sneering. Tired of flat orders, smarmy eyes with necks that #crane to stare, her revolt is alive, like a virus, infecting, killing, leaving only the shell of a beautiful thing, which is all they ever wanted anyway. #vss365

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