I take a lot of vitamins. I’d like this to be my testimonial to their worth and value but the truth is I don’t know if they work. I don’t know that it isn’t genetics that’s helping me win the aging battle or good old fashion exercise that’s helping with my joints. I have vitaminsContinue reading “Vitamins”

The Writing Series: She’s a Character

I’m not sure I like this title for my series. I may have to try out another one. Anyway, today let’s talk about some of the characters in Impromptu and maybe a little of the story development. I’m a panster. At least on the first pass. I’m going to let the story flow out ofContinue reading “The Writing Series: She’s a Character”

The Writing Series: The Time Is Now

Well, it’s about time to start talking about the process that got Impromptu, my up and coming Regency romance, to an end product. I plan on releasing it sometime in October. If you follow along, you know I did a few things differently this time. First I hired an editor. Second I decided, after aContinue reading “The Writing Series: The Time Is Now”

Here We Go Again

On our own. I can’t believe I haven’t used this as a title for one of these posts yet. But according to WordPress I haven’t. So enjoy the vss Saturday continuation. I’m trying to figure out how to go about vss from now on. Maybe I’ll wait until Saturdays to post all of my attemptsContinue reading “Here We Go Again”

Yankee Boy

My SO and I don’t really have a ‘song’. They’re not much of a dancer which I can say was a tough pill for this Spanish Southern girl. None the less, music has played a big part of our lives. So to commemorate them making it around the sun one more time here’s one ofContinue reading “Yankee Boy”

On Good Taste

My sister in law is doing some redecorating. Like me she has an albatross around her neck when she embarks on these sort of projects. That albatross is my brother. Like my SO, my brother is under the impression that he has good taste and/or style. I don’t care if I’m frolicking in stereotypes here.Continue reading “On Good Taste”

Level II

I like wine. Oh, let’s be honest, I love wine. As I’ve gotten older my ideas around wine have changed. I’ve never been a binger. That’s not to say I haven’t had my university pounding head mornings but those mornings pretty much turned me off to that kind of behavior very quickly. I like wineContinue reading “Level II”

The Tao of Me

I took a sociology class in high school. Looking back on it, it was more like an anthropology class because we studied different regions and their customs/religions. It was in this class my love of all things Eastern was solidified. I have a strange and passionate love of Eastern cultures…all of them. I love theirContinue reading “The Tao of Me”


I struggle putting things together from written directions. Ikea is my mortal enemy. As are all Ikea wannabes. Directions get flipped in my head. I get confused. I’ve never been diagnosed with dyslexia but from all of the hack online tests and learned articles I’ve done and read, I probably have a solid case ofContinue reading “Flipped”