And So It Goes

If you can’t tell this was when the crazy began it’s long crazy march through our lives. It’s quaint the things I worried about then. Toilet paper and cancelled vanity appointments. I feel like those days were like the movie Independence Day. Now we’re in Mad Max stage. I don’t even want to think about what movie we’ll be in by Christmas.


Mia Writes Erotica –

When this is over, I want your hands on my body, boldly, aggressively like you know I like. Your fingers a therapy on my skin, Annie. Smoothing the #rock hard lumps in my muscles. Half Shiatsu/Half Deep tissue. 90 min. Miss you so damn much, baby.  #vss365


Things I like that involve #kicking – Jazz dance and Muay Thai. When involved in a rumble employ the tornado fan kick.  After the spin kick, plant into a tombé to piqué en relevé finishing with your fan/tornado areal.  Then some jazz hands.  How to kick ass with style.



The vessel turns like an elephant at Daytona 

She stops. He stops. Eyes connect.  Charge!

The carts squeal outrage.  No blinking.  No mercy.  He blinks spinning away into the Lysol. This game of #chicken won.  The next yet to be played

All’s fair in love and TP#vss365


They say never stop learning.  Learning is enlightening, uplifting.  Its opens your mind to how little you really know.  Learning makes you smarter, keeps the brain agile.  I learned today about #zarf. 

I wonder now what they call the same thing but for wine?



The cliffs of Monte Facho were jagged, weak, crumbling under their feet as they climbed.  Winds blew sand into their dry eyes but the pilgrims focused knowing it was their survival on the line.  Here at the end of the world #Finisterre waited appeasement, ready to judge.  #vss365


The balmy cool winds of late spring blow as they go for uitwaaien.  There isn’t much to do but this, see the world, from the small radius allowed these days.  It was different once, when the Earth had two moons.  It might be again when the #outblowing has passed.


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