Organize This

I’m in full Maria Kondo swing. This is funny because I have never, not once, watched her show or seen what she does in action. But I have heard about her so I do know she’s an organizer. And maybe I’ve just insulted all Kondo-ites with that over simplification.

But nothing she’s doing is news to me. We all have too much crap. Too much. Every time I throw some out or give some away more pops up like bad weeds. I’m determined this time to go full minimalist. Steve Jobs uniforms. Kanye West monk chic. Drive my car until it falls apart (which I already do).

It’s not easy in our society committing to this kind of think but then again it is. I’m so happy when I look out over counter space and see wide open expanses. I love it when there isn’t crap everywhere and I wish to Kondo people would stop giving me ‘free’ crap. Free crap is just that crap. Certainly cheap. Completely useless. And designed to clutter my life, home and mind. I wish instead of swag bags or party favors people would give to a charity. Any charity they are compelled toward…outside of the Human Fund.

All I ask is for the love of organizers everywhere – please don’t give me any more stuff!

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2 thoughts on “Organize This

  1. I tend to veer towards minimalism not because I want to own less things, but because I want to be free of the clutter that stays in my mind 24/7. Even in my hobby, like fountain pens, when I have too many inked at one go, I get worried that some of the ink might dry out in the pens, and I really can’t spare my mental bandwidth on such trivial things.

    I think those of us who do this are a little wonky in our heads ha ha. Anyway, wishing you all the best with your pruning!

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    1. lol. That’s funny. Fun fact: I’ve never been able to write with a fountain pen even though I’ve tried on multiple occasions because it seems so elegant and old world. I always end up with pools of ink on me, the paper and everything I touch on the way to the sink to wash my hands.

      Yes I agree. I have enough clutter in my head. Time to clear away the rest from my counters!


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