Drop Some Knowledge

My oldest child is really artistic, so much. They animate and act and dance. They are also really athletic. Most sport have come naturally to them. So what I’m about to write is in deference to the fact that they have all the tools they need to be successful in life. They are however also a bit of a -imbo. (mimbo or bimbo use whichever)

I say this with the love of a mother. This child is fascinated with the superficial. Most times I don’t mind too much. My other child doesn’t understand why we bath more than once a week. So to have the older with more hair and skin products than me is something. And good for them for being proud of their appearance. There is nothing wrong with that. They care how they present to the world.

The bothersome thing is they have no quest of information. Wait, not true. Certain things, if they are interested, they will research and even self teach. But the pure quest for knowledge simply to know that myself, my SO and especially my younger has, well let’s just say, the older didn’t get served this particular drive. So when I try to introduce new things that this child isn’t interested in or offer up books or shows that will expand knowledge that they don’t care about, I get the shut down teenage attitude and resistance. And boy do they speak teenager fluently.

It’s so frustrating as a learner. I want to stomp around and tell them they are setting themselves up for failure. But they aren’t. They are bright, motivated, creative and I’m less worried about them than their sibling in the long run.

It’s hard though when I see them thumbing their nose at knowledge. I feel they like should realize knowledge even if it doesn’t seem relevant can always be stored for later. Given their talents I remain hopeful they will see the light someday and realize the truth of being on a constant knowledge quest.

Knowledge makes us better, stronger, more open minded. Knowledge is power. As they say.

But for now they are yelling at me for suggesting they wear their bright pink Lebrons with a black outfit. “It doesn’t go mom.” Ok, whatever you say, she says as she sips her coffee.

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