V to the SS

So the stork one – I didn’t want to go the obvious baby route and I knew nothing about storks other than that. I don’t usually have time to research the word. I just go with what my gut is telling me or the definition. I did this time and found out storks mate for life. An easy write for this hopeless romantic after finding that out.

Also I have no clue what that cinquain is about. Lol. I don’t like poetry that puts poetic words together in a way that is nonsensical, cryptically elegant but is really a bunch of malarkey. Poetry like any written words should make sense. Period. Do better next time, Mia.


The word #delicious is versatile, a favorite of mine.  Imagery of molten chocolate cake, long deep massages, pudgy soft baby cheeks, men, all linger in its arsenal of descriptions.  But right now I think I’ll find myself a delicious, creamy, slightly sweet cup of coffee.



The gardener had a muddy nosy

As his wife was picking yellow posies

The fire inside was very rosy

and also it was very #cosy

Until the girl came down the lane,

and stopped the wife to explain,

That the gardener had been very busy

And now he’s sleeping among the fishy



The Earth lifted under them with that strange grace of feathers taking flight, the heavy bob of their white bodies tossing them like buoys in the the wind. Chic black tip wings soared them higher and he followed as a #stork does, his mate, his love, for all of his life.



The days were #short, busy, used up like a vendetta.  The goals were fuzzy,  conflated frenzy, suffering from ego and id, arrogant.

Today the days are long, winding, glaring out like sun’s rays off a mirror, witnessing how lost it all became so quickly. 



She always wanted to be #normal.  Look a little more like the girls everyone liked, think more like them too. Hiding herself and her weird ideas away from everyday criticisms.

She always wanted it but it was never going to happen and she was finally ok with that. 



The things

We covet hide

The real wishes of the

Heart that are #insurmountable,

Fools gold

 #vss365 #prompt  #Cinquain

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