On Proofreading

I have some posts planned for late September/October to talk about this current WIP and decisions I made and etc. Right now though I’ve finished my rewrite and I’m trying to proof/edit and I’m burnt out. I don’t want to read this story anymore and I’m trying to figure out how to get the energy I need to finish it.

For now, I’m letting myself slack, at least until the weekend. It takes me about 2 days to read through it while also making minor changes. It takes about 4 days to do this if I consider I have a million other life realities that take precedence over any of my writing goals. So I really have about 4 read through(s) before I pull the trigger and publish in late September as planned or push the date once more.

And I’m not sure which of those outcomes is going to happen right now.

ps if there are typos in this please don’t tell me…

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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