This post is about my experience intermittent fasting. ***Disclaimer, don’t base any weight loss or exercise effort on anything I say. My words are anecdotal. There are people with lofty degrees and lots of student loan debt (read: doctors) that you should speak to in order set up a healthy program for your body and lifestyle.***

Now, I fell into this on accident. After years of forcing myself to eat breakfast because everyone said it was the best way to regulate metabolism and jump start weight loss, I sunk that load of bollocks in the river. My personal experience said everything to the contrary. All breakfast did for me was flip on the ‘eat all the food’ switch way earlier than I even wanted to eat in the day. For me, the struggle is hard enough. If pushing the first meal until I’m actually hungry helps, then dammit let’s try it nothing else is working.

And it worked. What didn’t work was the idea that you’re golden then on what you eat since you’ve narrowed the window so much. Heads up, that’s fake news. You aren’t. You can do a shit ton of damage in the few hours you are allowed to eat if you don’t regulate what you put in your mouth.

At this point, my last meal of the day is around 7pm. I know. It used to be earlier but my troops were revolting so I pushed back our dinner time to a more normal hour. I don’t start eating solid food before 10am or 11am the next day. I will have coffee because if I have to be up before the sun dammit I get coffee. I also drink water. I’m not a juice or soda person so those empty calories haven’t been an issue.

Anyway, this is my experience and it has helped me lose a little weight and regulate my body a little better. For many years I never ‘felt hungry. Never got growly stomach. That’s bad. I was eating to eat. It’s good to feel your stomach telling you ‘hey eat something’.

And it’s lunchtime so I think I will…

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