How You Vss’ing?

And more. Interesting, these weren’t very good. I’ve liked most of them up till now. Wonder what next week’s batch will look like.


He groaned as the bloody mary clunked down no displays of ribs or thick cut bacon like at a hip Sunday brunch but his stomach still growled

Drink.  I’ll make eggs

Why are you here?

Because she loves you for some #unfathomable reason and the town idiot is trying to help vss365


I have a #word for you middle of the night circling helicopter.  It’s not a nice word but I’m too tired to utter it.  ‘Stop buzzing down my street, who do you expect to meet?’  Oh dear, I’m delirious.  Time for more coffee.  #vss365


He’s waiting for you.

The gentle voice held a sinister tone. Damp hands clasped as they peered down the long corridor.

 Their worry was palpable silencing words that needed to be #spoken.  All that was left was a false pretense that those words would be said later. #vss365


#Seventeen minutes to get to them, to tell them. Why end a life with this short warning? Sick fucks. Drone cameras watch while they relax, entertained by our desperation. I hope they know I love them like people used to love when love meant something. I hope they know. #vss365


People suck

Sometimes, yeah

Maybe that’s why old people are so mean they’ve given up

I don’t know, you’re pretty mean

They laughed huddled on the cement ground watching walkers pass

It’s not all bad

That’s a #tribute to your goodness

I’m not all good

Didn’t say you were



Flying rats! He swung his cane recklessly at the screeching #seagull

Hush, old man. Her eyes swept the flapping pages

They stole my lunch! Feather puffs floated in the noisy food fight

It was your second. She turned a page

Glaring he mumbled, wish they’d steal you too #vss365

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