This runs in my family, being blue. Coming from the islands, preventative measures like therapy are something to sneer at and so we’ve seen some tragedies happen in my family. Times are changing, but it’s still a hard sell in the machismo culture.

It’s something I’ve struggled with, an unforgiving mind that gives me little rest. This kind of reality can take you up and down lows and highs with cold indifference. Which brings me to my child, who is suffering from the same problem. This child has been listless lately and sleeping much more than normal. We’ve been asking if they are ok to get the “I’m ok” response.

The other day they opened up that they’ve been sad lately but they don’t know why. It’s hard to hear. As hard as any illness or issue that you can’t fix for your child. So we’ve scheduled for them to speak to a counselor. It’s a step in settling their mind. But I guess I know they will struggle with this for the rest of their life.

And that’s a hard pill to swallow.

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