Hard to Get

We have this one client who is the ultimate tease. Talk about hard to get. We’ve been grooming them for 10 years now. Not quite but close.

They want our solutions but mother of god they are coy and evasive and cheap as hell. If we land them it will be a coup, because this is a big fish. You’d know the name if I said it. All of this effort has me thinking about effort and people who set the bar high and keep it a moving target.

We’re excited for this opportunity but I won’t lie we have some tried and true blue customers who will always get preference with me. We may someday be able to tout this big fish as a win but they will always be the second call I make back. The first will be to my true blue clients. The ones that came in with little to no BS, pay on time, are easy to work with and are in general good people. They win in my book. Every time.

The older I get the lower my tolerance for drama and difficult things or people is. I don’t like games. I’ve never been very good at playing them. I don’t like Eddie Haskells or syrupy but oh so fake sentiment. Straight shooters are my people. Which means my pool of people is narrowing.

It’s a right of passage and I’m kinda excited to be crossing it.

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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