Yes to the VSS

If you’re wondering, yes, I am going to milk this for as longs as I can.


In dreams snow lined the mountains tipped with #whitecaps. Their gloved hands held awkwardly as a trail of deep footsteps followed them. In these dreams, she kissed him feeling the crystals of ice decorating his short beard. She longed for dreams as the days passed slowly #vss365


The air was a vacuum absorbing all noise leaving a muted barren expanse of canyons. His fingers burned trembling as they pulled while powerfully cut legs pressed him upwards.  In the awkward #bridging hug he let his eyes drift up to the miles of blue cloudless skies. #vss365


The bones of the animal grumbled to life as it was rudely stirred from sleep. Instinctual teeth sharp and white bared angry at the intrusion. That #deathly urge that drove its daily needs took over with the first step. There was no hope for the unfortunate visitor.



Childhood ghosts mocking

The dark improbable tales

Knowing you exist

Lost in translation of me

An empty #destination

#vss365 #prompt #tanka


See here #vermin. Ain’t space ‘nough in this town fer the two of us, said the sheriff in his shiny spurs and ten gallon hat.

Ya got that right, called a voice hiding near.

A drop of sweat ran down his temple, alright then. Ya got till the count of 3, One Two…

#vss365 #prompt

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