Try My Patience

Anyone else’s patience at an end right now? Because mine is and has been. My family is suffering the impact of my short fuse. I’m a pretty chill person but lately I’m done. My chill has left the building. I want to run away, to an island, to the mountains, away.

My guess is this is a some low grade depression, anxiety over a shifting world and total loss of control over every day realities. I’ll get through it and I know others are suffering more. It doesn’t make it any less tiring. I guess I’m in good company. I read Michelle Obama has been dealing with similar feelings. I know my mom has. I think we’re all hitting the wall realizing we still have more than a few walls to climb before we’re out of this.

If you’re feeling the same, take care of yourself. Reach out. There are people and places who can help. And say for the nth time to yourself things will get better.

At least it’s Friday.

Published by miasotowrites

Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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