Test My Patience

The kids have to take a placement test for math and languages today for their new school. The thing about home school is that if it’s done right kids will likely get ahead of their peers. And that’s not because of horse jockey parenting. It’s because there’s just more time.

Anyway, this got me thinking about the standardized test that the school required for entrance. I wrote 2 rants on it. If you’re new to me you should read them because as we start the school year I can already feel things that are going to rub me like a cat against cactus.

Rant #1 & 2:


I have my thoughts on traditional school and none of them are directed to any of the players. Everyone’s doing the best they can in a broken system. A system that is dated and out of touch.

If ever an industry was ripe for ‘disruption’, then education. We are using 2 centuries ago techniques to teach in the space age. Whatever else the internet is, it has leveled the playing field of knowledge. Thank God! I’d say that is one of it’s greatest contributions to us as a people.

Now we need to step up to that powerful reality and set kids free to learn, like really learn, not to take a test but to embolden, to innovate, to create. And you can’t do that choosing ‘C’ when you need to guess at an answer and modeling the answers you know the teacher wants to hear.

This change is going to be sticky and ugly like any change. But so worth it.

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