I make no bones about the fact that filters are my friend. For most of my pictures I only use a filter. I don’t change my skin or its imperfections or wrinkles. Although my brown, oily skin is catapulting me in this aging race. I use the filter to give the every day me some pizzazz. Let me (and other tired overworked women) have that ok?

Otherwise my every day pictures are good representations of me. Which is why I look different in most pictures. It’s when we look exactly the same in every picture that you can be sure Photoshop liberties are being taken.

Anyway, I was giving a couple of pictures the full glossy magazine work over the other day. I admit without hesitation I don’t look that good, ever. Not even in those picture. Usually I’ll use Photoshop for this sort of effort but I was feeling lazy. Photoshop is clunky, quirky and can be a real PIA to use. So I did some research into these apps that the IG krewe use to make themselves look inhuman and perfect.

Verdict: I may never use Photoshop again. Every app that I downloaded was powerful and condensed, the best of what an amateur might need from Photoshop. Each solution was easy to navigate and manipulate. The only drawback is that they are expensive. I don’t doctor photos like that often enough to make that expense worth it when I already have Photoshop.

But it was food for thought. Adobe better get their act together and stop making everything so damn hard to use. My kids have the Adobe suite as well and they use it but for the most part they look for the easier solutions. Like audible over audition and these apps over Photoshop and even stop animation in Camtasia over Animator. They can use the Adobe solutions but sometimes it’s not worth the headache particularly if it won’t impact their quality.

No shame in easy. And when you feel the need to over complicate something remember a better solution is around the corner, ready to take your market share. Don’t make yourself a dinosaur by clinging to some delusion that complicated is elevated.

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