I was watching TV with my youngest the other day. It was a show I’d never heard of ‘Big City Greens’. Most of the kids’ shows these days are a mystery to me. Gone of are the days of having ‘The Backyardigans’ or worse ‘Wonder Pets’ theme songs stuck in my head on repeat like a demon curse. Give me a sec, need to go shed a tear.

Anyway, the show had a reference to Bob Ross. So I said to my child ‘That’s Bob Ross. He was a painter’. To which my child cut me off and said ‘yeah I know Bob Ross is like the biggest meme out there right now, Mom’. Right. Thanks for reminding me that even in my wheelhouse I’m out of touch and uncool.

Who doesn’t remember growing up watching Bob paint? For those of us back in the day? And that he’s hip and timely again speaks to the fact that cool is a state of being. Let’s be clear here. There’s nothing, I mean nothing, cool about Bob Ross. But Bob Ross will remain for all time a chill, classy dude who oozes cool.

Cool goes so far beyond what you’re wearing or vocabulary or image. Cool just is. It is a state of mind, a state of self-confidence or at least the willingness to wade into the muck of just being yourself. I guess I’m hoping this is true because then I must be the coolest damn person on the earth. I don’t know.

Let me go ask my kids.

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