The Beat Goes On

I’m loving this lazy creative day. Trust me my creativity is being taxed elsewhere…


We take the #spirits from here, he said


Yeah, see them?  He pointed to an empty white sky with three shining suns.  The sparkles, he insisted 

You’re nuts

Only way there

Who says I want to go?

Your loss. He shrugged slowly fading to mist before her eyes



A home is your calling card, the man said.  Otherwise, it is simply another box.  You will need a #belle maison or nothing at all.  He saw her hesitation.  Without it society will shun you.

I’m not much on society, she said.

He huffed, of course you’re not, dear



I’ve got it, he said

Her brow raised. Yeah?

He grinned nodding as they circled each other.  I’ll tell you in bed 

That’s not a #solution, she said

It can be, he said

Her hand slipped from the cocoon of his in hesitation. Sure, why not? She needed the cardio anyway #vss365


Sneezes ring in symphony, Spring

again earlier than before,

#soldier on Mother Earth

#vss365 #poetry #naani


Everyone needs a #purpose, points on a map, goals.  Parents, careerists, artists have them – good or bad.  But I am lost like a dreamer and what seems clichéd to you is terrifying for me.  I’m too old not to have figured it out and too young to give up trying just yet. 



Echoed chaos circled as blank eyes held hers in glassy shock. Pulsing warm liquid splattered her face. A call for saline to #infiltrate it. Frantic, her entwined fingers sealed around the ebbing pressure of his. Her tongue stole a last taste, tinny, cooling on her skin. #vss365

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