Rip Current

We went out surfing the other day. Or at least tried to. Despite the picturesque blue skies, the waters were tumultuous. I’ve never felt currents like that in these waters before. It was legit (as my child says and I just worked into a blog post). We ended up dropping the boards and lounging in ankle high waters for a little bit instead. Like always the change up was some kinda wonderful. We sat and talked and chilled.

Rips have always scared me. They are the great unknown, beyond the curling waves that love to rock me around and fill my nose with water. Even beyond grey fin devil’s who really have no interest in me but I’m in their territory so they’re going to come over to see what’s up. Rips are the unknown. Like things or places or people. Rips are the thing that pull from below, knock you off balance and sometimes drag you under with them. It doesn’t matter how strong a swimmer you are, be warned and beware. They are compelling and dangerous.

But you can’t visit the ocean without navigating the currents and there is no life lived that won’t require you break out of a few of these metaphorical currents. Sometimes you will. Sometimes you’ll go under and drown. But luck has it since this is imagery, you will resurface wiser, different and – this last part is up to you – either better or worse.

Be careful of the rips, but enjoy the ride.

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2 thoughts on “Rip Current

  1. That’s a great metaphor at the end there, and yes, you can’t go through ups without having to go through the downs as well, because one thing loses its meaning without the other. Thanks for sharing this!

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