Time to VSS

Ok some more of my cryptic attempts at elegant writing…


Heart shaped petals piled up as an altar. Exhalting and defining her, crying out her worth like newsies of a bygone era. In the beginning an amused detachment, in the end a #greed for them, their power unexplainable. When they were gone, she was nobody, again.



To the couple steeped in history and elegance, feminine and floral, smart chapeau, ebony skin, holding hands on their way to #ValentinesDay lunch making us look like #rookie (s) we aspire. #vss365


Days, days of marathon gaming unnoticed as life whizzed by, til she realized the WiFi controller was removed and hardwired making it ineffective. 

Giving easy access to enterprising hands, a #rookie move.

Well played, she nodded with admiration.  Well played, indeed.



Her face, her words, the exquisite beading lining her #empire waist were all pretty. A welcomed burden she felt, a necessary defense. He wanted more and she was only this. How to be what she wasn’t?  She shrugged shaking her thoughts. No, pretty would have to suffice.  #vss365


The everyday hummed aloof to the moment as she froze fear ripened on the hard concrete.  Passersbys jostled her, lines formed for dried up pastries.

I am here, its humid whisper fogged her ear

Who are you? Her mind cried

I am the #judge, the ghostly voice assured her



“The enemy of your enemy is your friend, I’ve heard said.”

“I am not your friend.”

He smiled, “then we are agreed.”

The cold night began the colder intentions as evil found a way to #ally.


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