The mama pig at the barn where I ride got out. Believe it or not it’s not easy to catch a pig. The baby got out once and it took four of us to haul it back. So mama has bee free roaming. We’ve taken to calling her a feral pig.

It’s good enough. Her purpose, along with her babies and the horny male baby they just got, is to root and clear out the brush, along with maybe provide the occasional sausage. (Don’t shoot me! I’m a pragmatist.) Having her roam gets the job done quicker. She’s not going to run away. She knows were the crumb cake falls from.

Flexibility is key in life. Taking the change on the fly and moving along. If the goals are accomplished it doesn’t really matter what line path it took to get there. Unless there was a time expectation. Flexibility has come hard to this Type A personality. I struggle with letting go but kids were the great equalizer. They made me chill out at least a little. So when things get turned upside down on me now I can take deep breath and ask, ‘how do we fix this?’


I’m working on it,

one two hundred pound pig at a time.

ps on another note, baby sheep are cuuuuuuute!

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