Grace and Frankie

I fell on this show much later than everyone else but I loved it just as much. Those ladies are hysterical and the first few seasons were pure gold.

One of my favorite episodes was when Frankie started on Social Media. I think I found it so funny because she was genuinely trying to have conversations with people and they all thought she was crazy. Frankie is/was me on social media. I don’t get it but I’m trying real hard.

It’s been a great ride and I’ve met some outstanding people. I’m not sure of its marketing ability for my books but we’ll see. When I get this new one out, I’m planning to invest a small bit of money to buy some promotions. I’ve never done this before. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime I’ll keep posting about weeding my garden. I’m sure this is where the viral content is at. It’s nice that those who humor me on SM don’t mind my old fashion take on things and will come and sit and swing with me for awhile on the front porch.

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