Pen to Paper

My handwriting is terrible and I rarely write because of it. It’s not just bad it’s so recognizable that I’m not allowed to write notes to the kids from imaginary gifting people (Santa, Toothfairy). They can spot my handwriting from a mile away. You could too if you saw it.

Because of this, I’m all about the keyboard. The other day I found myself writing some work notes. This came on the heels of writing a personal note to someone. Both incidents reminded me that I have terrible handwriting. To add insult to injury, I am an appalling speller. Spell check has ruined me. And my attention issues keep me from writing a sentence without forgetting a word here or there. Sometimes it takes me a few drafts to write a couple sentences. This is unsustainable, hence the keyboard.

None of my writing process is done by hand. I’d never get finished. I heard JK Rowling wrote the first draft of Harry Potter by hand. (This is an example I don’t want a political fight. I never made it past book 3 of the Potter series. Wasn’t for me.) To me that’s mind blowing. That requires a level of accuracy, calm surety, that I know I don’t have. My limitations make such a feat unrealistic, defeating.

My SO has perfect handwriting. It’s enviable and annoying since they tend to excel at everything, even it seems handwriting. Petty much? A little. I keep saying I’m going to get one of those kindergarten penmanship books and use it myself. I haven’t. This ship may have sailed for me but I’ll always wish I had better handwriting and I’ll always covet those who do.

Do you write by hand?

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