The polarization of society continues without any rational discourse or signs of slowing. In all the screaming back and forth upon occasion I have an opinion on things. Sometimes I check myself and say “Mia, move along”. Other times I open my mouth and put words out into the world. There are two things I try to do before adding my voice to the maelstrom 1. exercise patience, 2. speak from authority.

Patience comes in listening to all of the arguments including the craziest ones, especially the craziest ones, then formulating your argument. The second part of establishing your argument as valid by using the best sources out there. The sources no one can sniff their noses at and say ‘of course they feel that way’.

I see a lot of sourcing out there by people making arguments. The sources almost always come from “the bat shit crazy, lost my mf’ing mind” left or right side of the argument. The minute you throw something like that out there you’ve lost your argument in spades. You can’t win an intellectual argument with biased sources.

The best argument will be from an irrefutable source the kind that slam dunks and leaves the other team reeling for how to respond. The source needs gravitas as they say. For every argument this will vary source by source. So I can’t say use this source every time and you’ll own the argument. That may not be the case.

I can say you’ll know you’ve hit on the best way to form your argument when you think of your source like a badass. Think Morgan Freeman narrating, Samuel L Jackson cursing, Paul Newman gorgeous-ing, Audrey Hepburn impeccable-ing. That’s what your source will be, spot on and irrefutable by either side.

So scream on but argue smart. It’s key to swaying the argument to your point of view and that is more than half of the battle.

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