VSS and Chill?

I started doing the daily VSS as a way to have creative content for my feed. I’m not very good at SM. I’m not a natural sharer in the sense that I tell the things that go viral. And I don’t get the account train threads so I tend to avoid them. I don’t judge them I just don’t tend to do them. The broad open ended questions are too many and too vast and I realized too late designed for responses not dialogue. They exist to get interaction and thereby manipulate the all powerful, little understood, ALGORITHM. Grace be to it. Amen. So my feed is what I read or heard or strange life observations or writing. Vss has been helpful in filling it with writing content.

Anyway, I haven’t kept a file on my VSS entries until now. I’m trying to go back through my feed and get them into one Word doc. Thank God I don’t post much or this could be an impossible task. So for the next few Saturdays my creativity post will be my old VSS. This should be interesting as we see where the ideas started and where they are at. I can say VSS lends itself much better to poetic linkings instead of prose, which was a hard pill for this non poetic girl. Though, not necessarily a poem but phrasing, almost like songwriting. Still, stretching that dormant muscle is a good thing. I can sometimes get a good prose paragraph out of the word if the brain oils are working.

Anyway, here are the first few.


This I

#request, that now

move swiftly and tonight

slowly.  The bar is low for my

lithe soul. 

#vss365 #prompt #cinquain


Bright eyes, hollowed in his elderly face, smiled as his amused cluck sounded. 

“#Enchanted, little mouse. Surely the most charming guest I’ve had in eons,” he said tapping her plump round chin with his age stained finger. “Sit there, have a drop of tea with me.” #vss365


The alarm sounds with a hated noise as it startles her warm cocoon. Eyes blink quiet confusion, how harsh and speedy the night passes. Morning eggplant colors the sky as she shuffles downstairs, warms coffee, stares out a window still tired, bored with her morning #ritual #vss365


Limbs shake, #frantic to remain unbroken by the unforgiving weight. What would happen? Would it fall like an apple from a tree crumbling the soft flesh of his throat, splintering the bones and cartilage, snapping the hinge of his neck effortlessly? Over before it began?



I have this #fantasy of you, and me.  I feel it growing, inside of me, like a quickening, warming me, opening me to you, to the idea of us. Can you feel it too? #vss365 #prompt

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