Things are going poorly with this whole Corona virus. The breakdown of society has fallen behind in the 2020 Who’s Crazier crazy race as Corona pumped its gas peddle and blew past all of us while we were distracted.

It was never going to be great but some small common sense things like, you know, masks and self restraint were going to do worlds of good in keeping things controllable. “F’ that,” said the people of today. What happened to my grandparents generation? The ones who reused things until they fell apart. Made food, delicious food, out of things we throw away today as scraps. How did we loose our toughness, our pitch in and take care of business attitudes?

We’d be so F’d if Pearl Harbor happened now. Half the country would think it’s a conspiracy and have grainy unsubstantiated pictures up to prove their non points. The other half would be bitching and moaning that they had to go to work to make bombs and give up pantyhose. No pride in accomplishment, in being part of the solution. Just more screaming into the wind, them us them us them us. Screaming the same argument from different sides. I swear someone lobotomized us all. It’s embarrassing and hard to deal with as I try to raise conscious, proactive, intelligent, free thinking, rational humans. We pride ourselves on none of those adjectives anymore although we like to tell ourselves we’re all of them.

Put a damn mask on. Try to stay away from crowds. FFS. This isn’t that big of an ask. Let’s get it together people.

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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