Taking the dogs on one of their last loops around the bend before we head home soon. It’s always sad and we’re leaving a little early this year to get the kids ready for school. After 3 years of homeschooling, they’ll be going back to a traditional school (on their request). And what a year to go back!

So the end to this summer is extra bittersweet. In a few weeks, things will change drastically for us. I’m going to open up some serious time on my schedule. Yeah! Of course I have plans for how I’m going to fill it already. Can’t change who I am at this stage of the game. Might as well embrace it. I”m moving on to Act 3 of my life, maybe Act 4. I’m always overshooting the word count.

I have some DIY projects I intend to tackle and I’m going to redirect some of the things I learned while homeschooling to an after school initiative for at risk/undeserved kids. There will be a learning curve for my kids as they jump back into routine but I’m confident that won’t require much of my time. Famous last words. I’m well through my rewrite and I have another idea waiting. I may not be veering away from romance just yet. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll work on 2 ideas concurrently. And of course work will boom on.

Moral of this post? Time marches on. What we do with it is our choice. I like to be busy and as I get older I like my busy to look less like a frantic show of importance and more like a simmering marathon of accomplishment. It’s not an easy balance to walk.

What are your Fall goals?

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