Climb On

The kids started climbing a few years ago and last year took a rock climbing camp. Since camps are out for this year we booked a family day of climbing. Mom and Dad, the nubes, got some training on the wall in the morning then we headed out to the rock.

The fact remains that one of the best ways to stay sharp and timely is to do new things and bonus points if they sit well outside of your comfort zone. I love roller coasters, the crazier the better. I don’t like heights. But there I was crawling my well aged self up the side of a rock. It was a terrific day.

I came out scraped up but invigorated, ready to schedule my Sherpa for Everest. Kidding. But I enjoyed the experience. Doing things with my hands always clears my mind and gives me calm and this was no different. Any day that ends with you covered in dirt under every nail, in your hair, in places you’re not sure how it got there, that’s a good day.

Maybe I’ll write a story. Maybe not. I probably need a little more exposure to think through a well place story. Either way I look forward to coming back to do it again. I look forward to the next brand new experience that broadens my horizons and brings new perspective. This is the climb, the one that takes you from a trigger happy youth to a purposeful sage, making clear choices from experience and perspective and calm. It’s a nice journey and one that seems to be getting clearer for me as I age. I’m a slow learner but I’m catching on.

And maybe next time I’ll remember the order of safety checks which I messed up every time, on belay, belay on, climbing,

Climb on.

Here I am on my 1st climb, credits to my older, the cameraperson, the younger, the cheerleader, and our kick ass guide, the guiding voice.

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