It’s a Process

I have some ideas for blog posts after I finish my rewrite. This story has taken on a life of its own. The more I think about it the more I realize if I hadn’t invested money in it I would have written it off as one of my lesser attempts and moved on to a new idea. Toss it out there for consumption and be ready for some criticism or not.

That’s not what happened this time. I hired an editor which means I spent a decent penny on hiring an editor and it has forced me to have some discipline. I want to talk about the overhaul it is undergoing and how I have never put this kind of energy into a book. The words either fall out of my head in the best form possible and get cleaned up in editing or they don’t.  If they don’t I may or may not publish them but if I do, I’ll know it wasn’t my best effort. If they do fall out in a near perfect form, then they get to go on my All Star shelf with the other stories that popped out like little virtuosos.

This story didn’t speak to me even after I finished what I thought would be the final draft. It was disappointing because I was so excited to tackle a Regency story. I wasn’t sure about the lead characters and I was thinking I’m probably burnt out trying to write the romance genre. Time to shake things up. After having my editor read it, the criticism was pointed, painful and well founded but since the characters hadn’t grown on me I was sorry I chose this story to hire an editor. I wished I had waited until I hit on one of my All Star ideas.

Now I’m so glad I did. I like where the heroine and hero are at from the original draft. More so, I like how the story line is making much more sense and I like the discipline needed to cut out large parts and add large parts and watch it change from my original intent into what it is.

When I was first writing and excited, I had planed a series for this story line. Not the first time I thought about tackling a series but it was the first time I intended to see through that idea. I usually get bored revisiting characters. When the story came out of the gate so lackluster I was ready to scrap that sequel idea. Now it’s back on. I think one of the sequels is going to be an All Star idea. We’ll see. These things have a life of their own.

All of this is taking some words and I’m over the count of a comfortable word count but I don’t care.  It is what it is. The story takes the amount of words it takes and mincing about absurd rules will only inhibit the writing.  I’m excited to get this out in September.

I guess I should be editing instead of writing blog pieces about editing.

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