ICQ over DSL later?

Our cabin is struggling this year with connectivity.  It happens, mountain problems.  If we were here for a week no biggie but when you’ve moved operations of your tech company for a few months it’s a big deal that your download rate is .07 and upload .06.  Don’t even ask about sending a text or receiving calls.  L.O.L.

This is all part of Island Time (if you read my post, which I’m sure you did because it’s was great). It’s part of why we come here to unwind year over year and part of why I’ve been taking naps and 3mi hikes in the middle of the day.  It’s a luxury working for yourself and in a flexible industry that gives you power to dictate your schedule it’s nice to be able to take advantage of that luxury.

If you’re rolling the eyes, feeling the green monster over this, I’ll bring you along for go some live periods. A few 16-20 hour days, weeks long traveling sessions, locked up in an office while everyone is outside, troubleshooting things that should have been resolved in QA, possibly concurrent go-lives where you get to city hop with the same clothes you packed in your carry on, not to mention your regular duties not disappearing, missing out milestones for you family, missing out on things back home so much people just assume you won’t be there, will hopefully alleviate the envy bug.

For now though, we’ve developed some pretty inventive ways to do business. And when frustrations mount, we’re reminding ourselves we get the entire year to stare a screen as it flashes to the snap of our fingers. And the biggest boon to this crippling internet reality? My streaming junkie child has been put on lockdown, for one.

And that, People, is the greatest thing to ever come of dial up level internet.

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